• Ms. Betty Palaso

    Commissioner General

  • Dr. Alois Daton

    Commissioner Taxation

The Internal Revenue Commission (IRC) is responsible for the collection of most of PNG’s Tax Revenue. Although there are many revenue streams administered by IRC, the main ones are; Income Tax, Salary and Wage Tax (SWT) and Goods and Services Tax (GST).

The Internal Revenue Commission Act 2014  establishes the IRC as a Statutory Authority and the “Commission”, consisting of the Commissioner General and the Commissioners, as the governing body of the IRC. Under its enabling Act, the IRC is not a Department of the National Public Service and therefore the provisions of the Public Services (Management) Act 1995 do not apply to the IRC. The Commissioner General and the Commissioners instead draw the authority to administer and control the Commission’s functions and activities through IRC Act and other tax legislation.

The Commission,functioning in a similar fashion to that of a Board, provides and approvesthe IRC’spolicy, strategic direction and guidance that is required for IRC to meet the Government’s revenue requirements, to develop IRC for the future, and ensures that the IRC functions effectively, efficiently and accountably within the resources provided. Administratively, the Commissioner General is alsoresponsible for the day-to-day running of the IRC;exercising direct management of and control over tax administration, revenue collectionand internal corporate support services.


The IRC has a zero Tolerance Policy against Corruption and Corrupt behaviours.

Report any corrupt practices to IRC by:
Hotline: 321 0041 | Fax: 321 1268
Mail: P.O. Box 777, Port Moresby NCD


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