Tenders & Contracts

Tenders & Contracts

The Internal Revenue Commission Tenders & Contracts will be implemented in accordance with the Government of PNG (GoPNG) Public Financial Management Act (PFMA) and the Internal Revenue Commission (IRC) Procurement Policies & Procedures. The GoPNG and IRC Procurement Policies & Procedures are aimed at achieving value for money outcomes on behalf of IRC and the GoPNG. Local industry participation is strongly encouraged.

Current Tenders

The list of current IRC tenders appears in the table below. Relevant tender documents can be obtained by clicking on the link below under “Tender Documentation”.

Tender Reference Description Release Date Closing Date IRC Contact Person Tender Documentation
(Tender reference no) (Description of tender) (start date of tender DD/MM/YR) (close date of tender DD/MM/YR) (IRC contact person details) (link to tender documentation)

Tender Documentation

All IRC Tender Documentation will consist of the following;
1. Invitation to tender letter (pdf).
2. Appendix 1 Required tender documents (pdf).
3. Appendix 2 Tender Scope/Drawings/Specifications (pdf).
4. Appendix 3 Tender Form (MS Word file).

Notice to Tenderers

1. Tenderers are to advise/inform the IRC Contact Person as per details above to register their interest to tender.
2. Changes to tender scope/information will be issued by a tender addendum.
3. Tenderers to fill in Appendix 3 Tender Form in MS word file and will be submitted as part of their tender submission.
4. All tenders to be submitted as hard copies in an enclosed envelope. Those tenderers who are not able to submit as hard copy but can only submit as electronic copy, will need to advise the contact person in advance minimum of a day in advance before tender closing date.


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