Mission, Vision & Values


“To be the best performing public sector agency in Papua New Guinea and the leading Tax Administration in the Pacific”


To collect revenue efficiently and appropriately on behalf of the people of Papua New Guinea to fund Government services and programs to develop our nation.


Fairness and Respect:

  • We will collect the correct amount of tax; no more and no less.
  • We will respect Taxpayers and ourselves alike.
  • We will respect the environment, gender, social and moral obligations
  • We will be free from bias in everything we do


  • We will work within our assigned responsibilities
  • We will apply the law impartially
  • We will be responsible and accountable for our own work
  • We will actively pursue professional development through training and other skilling opportunities

Openness and Honesty:

  • We have high expectations starting with ourselves
  • We will recognize and reward honesty
  • We will focus on effective communication strategies
  • We will behave in a manner that reflects transparency
  • We will strive to maximize our reliability


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