Public Notices

The Internal Revenue Commission (IRC) wishes to inform the general public that ALL IRC Forms and official documentations, are provided free of charge to assist taxpayers and organisations meet their obligations. Many IRC forms can be downloaded from the IRC website

IRC Services including issue of TIN Certificates are free and taxpayers should not pay fees to anyone to obtain this service unless they are represented by a registered tax agent.

Therefore the IRC would like to stress that if any member of the public finds anyone posing as a tax officer or offers assistance to a taxpayer for a fee, the offender must be immediately reported to the IRC on the IRC Hotline 3210041.

Facsimile: 321 1268

Or Email:

All information provided will be kept confidential. Information may also be sent to the IRC anonymously.

Authorised by
Internal Revenue Commission

The Internal Revenue Commission wish to advise the general public that MR SEDEKA BIYAMA is no longer employed by the IRC.

The IRC will not be held responsible for any undertaking, advice, or dealings by MR SEDEKA BIYAMA. The public is advised to refrain from dealing with him on any tax related matters that concerns the IRC.

It is also strongly recommendedthat members of the public must refrain from using SEDEKA BIYAMA or any unregistered tax agents to facilitate any interaction with IRC.

For confirmation or verification, please contact our Internal Audit & Integrity Division on3210041.

Authorised by
Betty Palaso, OBE
Commissioner General – Internal Revenue Commission


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