IRC Contacts


  • –use for any reported error in keying of a transaction into the system such as applying a payment to the wrong tax period or wrong tax type, incorrectly dating the receipt date of an electronic payment, or any other suspected “data entry” You may also use this address to file a variation request, or other routine query such as requesting an account balance for a client.
  • – use for any query related to TIN Registration.
  • – use for electronic submission of annual Statement of earnings documentation
  • –use for electronic request for remission of penalties, or follow up on same.
  • – any anonymous information about someone you think may be deliberately evading or avoiding tax can be submitted to this email address. For example they might be:
  • Not telling the IRC about tax they owe (e.g. on business profits)
  • Keeping business “off the books” by dealing in cash and not giving receipts,
  • Hiding money, shares or other assets in an offshore bank account (offshore tax evasion).

Your identity will be protected to ensure your safety.

  • – use for all IRC objections against assessments. By emailing your request to this email address, we will be better able to evidence that the request has met the 60 days’ timeframe as required under Section 245 of the PNG Income Tax Act 1959 as amended to-date.

To warrant a valid objection, it must be in writing and must contain the following:

  • Your full details or, if you are not the taxpayer objecting to the assessment, the full name and contact details and TIN of the taxpayer you represent,
  • Full details of the assessment you are objecting to, including the tax types and the relevant year or tax period,
  • Include full details of your reasoning as to why you think the assessment is wrong,
  • Any supporting documents and information that relates to the assessment being disputed (we may still need to request more information to help us decide your objection),
  • All the relevant facts, arguments, information and documents that support the reasons you disagree with the decision – this should include references to legislation, Tax Circulars and case laws or similar precedent cases where this is helpful to your case, and
  • Be signed and dated.
  • – Effective from 1 June 2018, IRC no longer accepts personal/company cheque payments. Only Commercial Bank cheques are acceptable. For any payment queries, please contact our Tax Processing Division Directors: Ms Arua Naime and Ms Helena Solien.


Name: Area of Responsibility: Telephone: Email:
Ms Cecilia Magun Acting AC Policy & Advice Division 322 6656
Ms Ketty Masu Director Policy & Advice Division 322 6710
Ms Emily Loko Manager Policy & Advice Division 322 6916
Ms Annette Baker Manager Policy & Advice Division 322 6949
Mr Anoko Sasi Manager Policy & Advice Division 322 6797
Ms Maryanne Hasola Manager Policy & Advice Division 322 6629
Mr Steven Burke Manager Source Collection Product Owner 322 6681
Mr Rakatani Helai Manager Tax Agent Coordination 322 6786
Ms Dorothy Sonny Tax Agent Coordination Officer 307 7306
Mr Nicko Tundem Tax Agent Coordination Officer 322 6978
Ms Stephanie Gibson Secretary to the Review Tribunal 322 6586
Ms Arua Naime Director Transaction Processing 322 6714
Ms Imelda Mugugia Supervisor Electronic Payments 322 6773
Ms Agnes Dai Supervisor Lodgements 322 6774
Ms Helena Solien Director Transaction Processing 322 6884
Ms Jenny Sarufa Supervisor Payments 307 7021
Ms Vavine Kilavetari Supervisor Lodgements 307 7025
Mr Petereric Andrew Director Revenue Accounting 322 6766
Ms Caroline Ona Senior Finance Officer 322 6852
Ms Bernadette Uruna Manager GST Refunds 322 6616
Ms Betty Duba Acting Director Large Business & International 322 6889
Ms Grace Mangor Team Leader LTO Division 322 6729
Ms Stella Bima Manager Large Business Resources Oil 322 6626
Mr John Heni Acting AC SMW Audits Division 322 6558
Mr Biuna Papua Manager High Wealth Individual Audits 322 6673
Ms Kaia Fabila Director Early Collection 322 6843
Mr Dollarcruise Potjepat Director Debt Reduction & Enforcement 322 6932
Mr Jack Akia Deputy Director Non Lodgements 322 7132
Ms Geua Taumaku Deputy Director Non Payment 322 6672
Ms Delma Moaley Manager Firmer Enforcement 322 6932
Ms Vavine Rupa Manager Prosecution 322 6680
Ms Angela Oka Individual Assessing 322 6531
Ms Marllyn Watuna Director Office of Commissioners 322 6897
Ms Jessie Tamegal Director Northern Region 472 2749
Mr Igo Morea Director Islands Region 982 8180
Mr Mickey Akai Director Highlands Region 542 1533/542 2208
Mr Warren Auka Director Southern Region 322 6642



For General Enquiries:   

Write to:

The Commissioner General

Internal Revenue Commission

PO Box 777

Port Moresby 121

National Capital

Papua New Guinea


To report on corruption or any suspicious activities

Call the TOLL FREE Hotline Number:



Or write to:

The Commissioner General

Internal Revenue Commission

PO Box 777

Port Moresby 121

National Capital

Papua New Guinea


Attention: Internal Audit & Integrity Division


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